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school cleaning services


Educational facilities are home for many students, faculty, and staff during school hours. With the large number of people confined in these facilities makes educational facilities an oasis for for-moving germs. Our dedication to providing the best cleaning services around, helps to protect the health of the students, faculty and staff. From the basic cleaning of dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning Executive Clean, can clean every space to keep students and staff healthy all year long.

We provide the services that you need for your specific facility. Depending on your specific request and needs we can customize a cleaning package to meet your needs. Some of the basic services that we offer for every commercial client include:

  • Trash removal

  • Restroom cleaning and stocking

  • Vacuuming

  • Hard Floor Care

  • Dusting

At Smell Fresh Cleaning we specialize in cleaning a wide variety of facilities including:

  • Daycare

  • Preschool/Kindergarten

  • Elementary Schools

  • Middle Schools

  • Junior Highs

  • High Schools

  • Charter Schools

  • Preparatory Schools

  • Universities

  • Technical/Community College

We know how important it is to maintain a clean environment for students and staff to work and learn in. We are dedicated to providing the best commercial cleaning service around for your educational facility.


While most churches and religious facilities are only used for a couple of days a week, it is easy for the dirt and germs to build up without regular and thorough cleanings. At Smell Fresh Cleaning, we take the time to ensure that every aspect of churches and religious facilities look their best and are ready for weekly services. Don’t risk having your church less than spotless for weekly services by entrusting your building’s cleaning needs to just anyone. Smell Fresh Cleaning has years of experience with cleaning religious buildings, properly preparing them for Sunday worship services.

Our team of dedicated professionals respects the sacred atmosphere of each institution, and we take the time to ensure that our professionalism and dedication to a job well done is reflected through the smallest of details. Trash removal, dusting, vacuuming, and restroom restocking and maintenance are all components of church building cleaning and maintenance that Executive Clean includes in our cleaning services.

hospital cleaning


At Smell Fresh Cleaning, we strive to bring friendliness, professionalism and environmental awareness into our office cleaning services. We will work with you and our janitorial team to construct a customized office maintenance program to keep your facility pristine.

Our supervisors manage our evening janitorial staff to ensure our office cleaning services are held to the highest standard. With trained supervisors and individualized commercial cleaning programs, you’ll have peace of mind when you walk into your office each morning.

Smell Fresh Cleaning offers leading commercial cleaning services in Rhode Island.

Offering a variety of office cleaning services including:

  • Carpet Care

  • Glass Cleaning

  • Floor Maintenance

  • Window Cleaning

  • Restroom Cleaning

  • Dusting

  • And More!


Smell Fresh Cleaning has years of experience and the latest technology to consistently maintain the high level of cleanliness required at Medical Centers. We build custom Health Based Cleaning Plans that will suit any type or size office. CleanTech is our latest technology and it insures consistent Quality Service in any type of Medical Facility.

Our services include:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services defined specifications.

  • Automated Frequency Driven Programs to keep your facility on track.

  • Exam room, Kitchen and restroom Disinfection cleaning.

  • Dusting and window washing

  • Waste removal

  • Daily carpet care

  • Hard surface floor maintenance and cleaning

  • Entrances and lobbies

  • And more

Hotel Cleaning
restaurant cleaning


In the hospitality industry, cleanliness is the key to customer satisfaction and retention. Customers are increasingly using hotel review and rating sites to choose a hotel or resort, and the first thing they look for is a hotel that is clean and well-maintained. Our Greensboro janitorial services staff understand that your reputation relies upon a positive first impression, which means clean rooms.

Smell Fresh Cleaning offers hotel housekeeping and commercial cleaning services for nearly every aspect of your facility. Our janitors and day porters are outfitted in uniforms and name tags, performing their duties with a professional appearance and respect for your hotel and its guests.

Our janitorial capabilities include housekeeping services, porter services, commercial carpet cleaning, flooring care, glass & window cleaning, recycling/waste removal, and outdoor power washing. These complete hotel cleaning services are used to provide cleaning for every space in a hospitality facility:

  • Lobbies

  • Common Areas

  • Restaurants & Kitchens

  • Fitness Facilities

  • Guest Rooms

  • Office Areas

  • Conference & Meeting Rooms

  • Spas

  • Public & Personal Restrooms

Smell Fresh Cleaning puts our clients first, designing customized services plans around you unique needs and scheduling requirements. Our hotel cleaning contracts offer a range of hotel cleaning solutions from general cleaning to more specific services like carpet cleaning.


Smell Fresh Cleaning offers a wide array of outsourced restaurant cleaning services essential to today’s restaurant operations. Our standards for janitorial services are unmatched in the commercial cleaning industry. Expect nothing but the best when you partner with Integrity. We provide front of house cleaning services, high dusting, kitchen services (including equipment), carpet care, stone care, restroom sanitation and glass care services.

We can tailor a program that fits your needs and maximizes your sanitation budget. Our services are well supervised and our follow up is unparalleled in the industry.  Contact Smell Fresh Cleaning, the only commercial cleaning provider you’ll ever need! Contact us and we will be happy to meet with your team and create a program that succeeds.

Banks cleaning
Banks cleaning services


Smell Fresh Cleaning understands that our janitorial services are about more than giving your bank sparkling windows and an immaculate interior—we are helping you establish a financial institution’s brand. Our commercial cleaning staff become part of your team, ensuring your establishment makes a great impression on customers – we want all of your clientele to see you as a professional bank they can trust.

Similarly, we know that our clients need to be able to trust our commercial cleaning crews. We take our clients’ trust very seriously and do all we can to ensure that our cleaning teams will reflect well on both of our businesses.

Comprehensive cleaning services for your bank

You want your customers to walk into a clean, professional facility that positively reflects the image of your bank. The Smell Fresh Cleaning team of experienced workers will ensure that your credit union or financial institution is neat and welcoming to all of your customers with our complete range of commercial cleaning services, including:

  • Office Cleaning

  • Porter Services

  • Floor Cleaning

  • Rug & Carpet Cleaning

  • Window & Glass Cleaning

  • High Cleaning & Ceiling Cleaning

  • Outdoor Pressure Washing


Fitness centers, in particular, are facilities that require an intense focus on cleanliness. Our teams will take extra care to disinfect all high-touch areas including, training equipment, locker rooms, showers, and changing areas. At Smell Fresh Cleaning, we understand how important image can be in the highly competitive fitness industry. We can customize a program to fit your unique needs as well as your budget.

Maintaining high standards in personal fitness requires a level of personal commitment. Without goals, and a plan for achieving them, the right results are hard to realize. It’s the same with janitorial services. To operate a clean and well maintained facility takes planning, and Smell Fresh Cleaning has a plan we’d like to share.

gyms cleaning
malls cleaning


Consumers are attracted to clean spaces and therefore will be more comfortable spending time in them.  To this extent, Smell Fresh Cleaning takes our role in the success of your shopping mall extremely seriously.  Our shopping mall cleaning and janitorial team will provide your with, full housekeeping and cleaning services for – restrooms, storefronts, kitchens, administrative offices and parking garages.  Our daily cleaning plans include:

We can also create a deep cleaning and maintenance schedule for your mall that includes floor refinishing, carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, snow removal and landscape maintenance.

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